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A Holistic Approach is the Key to Enterprise Patient Engagement Success

A Holistic Approach is the Key to Enterprise...

By : Geeta Nayyar, MD, MBA, Chief Health and Innovation Officer, Femwell Group Health
Mobile-First Transformation of Healthcare

Mobile-First Transformation of Healthcare

By : Patrick Hale, CIO & EVP, VITAS Healthcare
Longer Lives, Better Lives: Disruptive Technology, M2M, and Greater Longevity

Longer Lives, Better Lives: Disruptive...

By : Terry Bradwell, CIO & Interim Chief Enterprise Strategy & Innovation Officer, AARP
The Great Paper Chase

The Great Paper Chase

By : Lonnie Rae, Co-Founder & CEO, Medal and Mentor of Henkel

Power of Digitized Health Data

By : William Paiva, Executive Director, Oklahoma State University's Center for Health Systems
Telehealth: The Future is Today

Telehealth: The Future is Today

By : Jeffrey H. Sopp, CEO, PRIVIT
Developing Smart Communities to Solve Health and Socioeconomic Issues

Developing Smart Communities to Solve...

By : Dr. Todd Rowland, SVP & CIO, Tidelands Health
The Paradigm Shift in Medicine and How it Affects Technology

The Paradigm Shift in Medicine and How it...

By : Shafiq Rab, M.D., MPH, VP-CIO, IT, Hackensack University Medical Center
Top 10 Medical Practice Management Solution Providers in Europe - 2019