Buddy Healthcare: Automating Care Pathways

Buddy Healthcare: Automating Care Pathways

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Jussi Määttä, CEO, Buddy HealthcareJussi Määttä, CEO, Buddy Healthcare
Patients, while navigating through their diagnostic procedures in hospitals, interact with doctors, nurses, and support staff to obtain instructions for their successive activities in the path of recovery. Waiting to receive instructions can cause anxiety and frustration for patients, which could lead to unsatisfactory customer experience. To mitigate such challenges, Buddy Healthcare brings to the table a BuddyCare App—a mobile care coordination solution—that automates patient pathway to care process. “With our application, patients are better informed and aware of the next steps in their care procedure,” says Jussi Määttä, CEO of Buddy Healthcare.

Buddy Healthcare is on a mission to transform care coordination in hospitals by making healthcare accessible and measurable for everyone, anyplace, and anytime. The firm’s BuddyCare App provides patients with the information they need to navigate throughout the care process. The application automates their workflow by communicating, instructing, and sending reminders such that patients are always aware of the upcoming activities on the care path. “We provide them with the chronological order of events that make it easy for patients to follow medical procedures,” adds Määttä. The pre-surgery features of the applications include questionnaires features, which patients can use to fill various details such as pre-anesthesia information and help doctors assess their condition before the operation. The App also notifies users about different tasks such as when to stop eating, drinking, and medication before surgery. For post-surgery assistance, BuddyCare implements the principles of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols to enhance the early mobilization of patients after surgery. It provides physiotherapy videos and wound care instructions for patients to stay on track with the recovery. “Our vision is to transform pre and post-surgery care for patients and streamline their recovery,” states Määttä.

With our application patients are better informed and aware of the next steps in their care procedure

The application can be tailored based on the needs of the care providers, allowing them to align it with their processes in delivering the care perfectly. It also offers BuddyCare dashboard—an application for doctors—to help care personnel obtains real-time visibility into patients’ pre-surgery preparations and post-surgery recovery activities. The tool is used to collect, analyze, and visualize patient data, allowing care personnel to focus on patients who need the most attention. The dashboard also provides insights into patients’ data to predict risk for surgery, no shows, and find evidence-based best practices for their pathway to improve quality of care.

Buddy Healthcare is making great strides in streamlining the delivery of healthcare for hospitals and clinics by revamping the patients’ pathway of the care process. One of the many success stories scripted by the company is that of a hospital that mostly performs day-care and short-stay surgeries for ENT patients. The client previously used dated methods in delivering their healthcare, right from inviting the patients for surgery to admitting them and to eventually dropping them home. In addition to practicing traditional methods, the client also discovered that patients were struggling to understand and remember pre and post diagnosis instructions of doctors. Consequently, the client partnered with Buddy Healthcare for co-creating a patient engagement application to improve the care experience. This helped the clients to notify and inform their patients about laboratory appointment, pre-surgery checklists, post-operative instructions, and more, thereby, resulting in better guidance and compliance. Such efficient process ensured time-saving, cost reductions, and improved customer satisfaction rates.

Buddy Healthcare is further engaged in enhancing its application to serve the healthcare industry and digitalize their complete process for delivering the right care at the right time. The firm is committed to leveraging lean principles for embedding a multitude of functionalities and other operative benefits in the healthcare industry such that hospitals can use their resource effectively.