Advenias: Innovative Solutions for Social and Healthcare Industry

Advenias: Innovative Solutions for Social and Healthcare Industry

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Digitalization has improved the workflow in the healthcare industry as daycares and rehabilitation centres can provide better quality care efficiently. Electronic medical records help doctors and nurses in making informed decisions with accuracy and consistency. However, the shortage of a software that can assist healthcare in tracking patients’ activities from the start to the end makes it cumbersome for them to deliver their services effectively. Especially, when patients have chronic diseases or if they have to stay at hospitals for an extended period, current solutions are futile. This is where Advenias makes its mark by providing IT software aimed at encompassing the different type of needs and business objectives of the healthcare industry.

Advenias offers various solutions for retirement homes, daycare, and rehabilitation centres to track patients’ activities throughout their stay at these centres. The firm provides—ePersonam—a cloud-based healthcare management software to the healthcare sector for both long-term care and home care services. It also offers Android and iOS applications that help healthcare provider record patients’ everyday activities, upcoming events, and other test records. These patients’ data can be used by doctors to understand ailments precisely, thereby prescribing the right medicines. The applications further include social indicators that calculate activity-based costing of patients’ diagnosis fee. To similarly assist the home care service providers, it purveys customizable functions such as patients’ geo-location tagging with Google maps, tracking time durations of various activities, and reporting and statistics of their health record. Such reports and statistics can then be shared with patients’ doctors and family members to keep them informed.

The ePersonam software can be customized to helps different healthcare providers in adopting it without the need for changing their approach of serving patients.

We update our software and stay abreast with the clients’ needs and continue to enhance it by including advanced features

“We integrate data from different healthcare systems and applications; thus firms do not have to change their service delivery procedures,” adds Umberto Brighetti, CEO of Advenias. “We update our software and stay abreast with the clients’ needs and continue to enhance it by including advanced features.” The bespoke software also enables healthcare providers to get insights into their financial data and help them plan their future cash flow. Further, the dashboard allows the care management to perform benchmarking between their spending and other patients data for tracking the changes and improving their services.

To facilitate healthcare service providers in performing various healthcare services, Advenias strives to deliver different features and help them streamline their workflow. For Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), and therapeutic communities, Advenias tracks all the day-to-day activities of the patients to achieve the best result with regards to healthcare management. This eliminates the use of papers, thereby, reducing human errors and improving information sharing. The computerized ePersonam further integrates with different software and assists in optimizing rehabilitation centres and retirement homes service delivery by centralizing the healthcare records of patients. “The software assists healthcare providers throughout the workflow and purveys real-time information on the progress of the patients, thereby making it an essential tool for preparation of the diagnostic-therapeutic-assistance plan in retirement homes, RSAs, and RSDs.

Advenias’ ePersonam further facilitates healthcare providers with sophisticated features and helps them in complying with the requirements in terms of personality assessment inventory (PAI) assessment, regional indicators, regional standard, and more. In the future, the firm is committed to innovating and enhancing its solutions and helping healthcare organizations adapt to the ever-changing landscape.